Why Use The National School of First Aid Training?

Note that as of June 2017, the National School of First Aid Training is owned by 4 Minutes Training Ltd. 

Why use the NSFAT?

The National School of First Aid Training is a specialist provider of first aid training and related courses. We provide training to anyone from individual customers to small Orgnisations and large multinational companies, including big industries, charities and small businesses of every kind imaginable. Nothing is ever too much trouble and we always strive to give you the best service that we possibly can.

A brief introduction into what we offer:

  • Excellent value for money within your budget
  • Experienced members of staff to deal with your enquiry when you contact us. Your query will go straight through to a Director
  • Customised training courses if needed to reflect and suit your working environment and associated risks
  • On-site training anywhere in the UK, minimising staff and business disruption as well as saving you money
  • Innovative and practical approach to training
  • Trainers who have medical backgrounds and experience
  • Training that reflects personal learning styles so all candidates benefit from the training and engage fully
  • Friendly and informal training that encourages participants to feel confident to take part
  • All participants practice the skills and techniques – enough equipment is on hand to minimise waiting time
  • Plenty of one-on-one time with the trainer throughout the training

Our instructors

  • We employ only experienced instructors with backgrounds in a pre-hospital environment such as Ambulance personnel, First Responders and experienced First Aiders.
  • Our instructors all use their professional and personal experiences to demonstrate that sometimes the book doesn’t always have the answer
    Our instructors will give you the confidence to manage any emergency situation with techniques and skills proven to save lives in the real world
  • We have instructors throughout the UK who live and work local to you
  • Our instructors follow the latest best practice and guidance issued by the UK Resuscitation Council, HSE (Health and Safety Executive) , National Governing Bodies and the UK academic authorities Ofqual (Office for Qualification units and assessment law) and the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority), ensuring you receive the most up to date, relevant and legally compliant training

Our training

  • Our training methods are modern and very interactive. We do not use the usual ‘death by PowerPoint’ that a lot of other training companies rely upon
  • All our courses are very practical and hands-on. We have a typical ratio of 70% practical supported by just 30% theory
  • We strongly believe in ‘learn by doing’ within a relevant environmental context
  • All of our techniques are tried and tested and proven to work in the real life incidents and not just the controlled environment of the classroom
  • The maximum ratio on our accredited courses is 1 instructor to 12 participants
  • Training resources such as CPR manikins and defibrillators are at a maximum ratio of 1 per 4 candidates
  • Our training can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs and working environment
  • Our training will reflect the type of environment that you are most likely to work in or the type of scenarios you are most likely to face
  • We use progressive scenario based training methods that develop into complete incident management training.
  • Our training builds and develops both personal confidence as well as lifesaving first aid skills

Our qualifications and certification

  • The National School of First Aid Training is registered with Ofqual authorised and regulated Awarding Organisations that monitor our activities to ensure that we deliver compliant and consistent courses.
  • We offer first aid training and qualifications that meet the needs of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) under the Health and Safety (first aid) legislation 1981.
    We can offer qualifications accredited by Ofqual as nationally recognised and formal qualifications in:

    • Emergency First Aid at Work
    • First Aid at Work
    • First Aid at Work Requalification
    • Outdoor First Aid
    • Paediatric First Aid
  • We also offer a number of other courses such as Family First Aid

Our awarding bodies

We offer qualifications, training and certification through our Ofqual authorised and regulated awarding bodies.

Free no obligation help and advice

If you are unsure about anything, such as what the best course is for you or what options there are for your organisation, please contact us for free and no obligation advice.

Post course support

We offer on-going help and support to all of our clients and customers.
If you need any help or advice, or want to talk through an incident that you dealt with and/or witnessed please call us and one of our Directors will have a chat with you. If you use this service, please make sure that you keep the specific details (location, names etc) to yourself.
Please call use on 01628 56 99 22 or use our Contact form.

Insurance and governance

We hold full professional and public liability insurance up to £5 million for each.
We also have employers insurance liability of £10 million
We have a full range of Polices and Procedures that can be requested and viewed at any time.
We are authorised and regulated by our awarding bodies and in turn have to comply with Ofqual in England and Wales guidance.


Please contact us should you have any questions about us or our courses that are unanswered

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