Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF/SCQF) -

Suitable for low hazard environments and working conditions that require basic first aid cover, such as in small offices and companies with a low number of staff. No previous first aid experience is required to attend this course.

Due Diligence

The Health and Safety First Aid Regulations have been amended as of the 1st October 2013 so that the Health and Safety Executive no longer approve first aid training or qualifications. The responsibility has now moved to employers to confirm that first aid providers are ‘up to the job’ The published document ‘HSE GEIS3’ is available to view and download at http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/geis3.pdf. This document provides a 4 page ‘due diligence’ check list with an appendix that employers have to keep for inspection adding to employers health and safety bureaucracy. However, ‘due to awarding organisations (The National School of First Aid Training) offering ‘regulated qualifications’, you (the employer) do not have to use the checklist to satisfy yourself of the competency of that organisation’ (paragraph 12 of HSE document GEIS3). The National School of First Aid Training offers minimal bureaucracy as well as the most up to date, legally compliant and first aid training and qualifications.

We offer the new and updated Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, awarded as a Level 2 QCF qualification in England and Wales and a Level 5 SCQF qualification in Scotland. The old Emergency First Aid at Work course is being withdrawn in 2013 as the HSE will no longer be issuing first aid awards.

Emergency First Aid at Work programme

  • The role of the first aider including:
    – the importance of preventing cross infection
    – the need for recording incidents and subsequent actions
    – use of available first aid equipment
  • Assessing any situation to act safely, promptly and effectively in any emergency
  • Unconscious casualty management including Epilepsy
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for a non-breathing casualty
  • Choking first aid for a casualty with a blocked airway
  • Wounded and bleeding first aid for a casualty who has been injured
  • Shock (Hypovolemic)
  • Minor injuries first aid for small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds and small splinters
  • Legislation – first aid law including first aider litigation issues


Our trainers come from a range of professional backgrounds such the;

  • emergency services (ambulance, police and fire service)
  • military (medics)
  • outdoor professionals (Mountain leaders)

We aim to match instructors to your specific training requirements. They are aware of the specific needs of various outdoor environments, fully understanding the problems and judgements that have to be made when dealing with incidents in stressful, dangerous and remote situations. Learn more about our trainers and what makes them unique.


Our training is very practical and hands on with a typically 70% practical to just 30% theory.

Our courses do not rely upon the usual ‘death by PowerPoint’, instead we use progressive incident scenario based training methods. Our courses teach techniques proven to work in real life incidents and not just in a classroom. Our training builds confidence and develops first aid skills into complete incident management. Read more about our training and why we get such positive reviews.



All candidates must attend the full course to qualify. Each candidate is continually assessed throughout. For the SCQF certificate there is a small, 10 question multiple choice question (MCQ) assessment at the end of the course.


The 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work qualification is valid for 3 years. It can be revalidated by completing another 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course. The Health and Safety Executive also ‘highly recommended’ that work place first aiders attend an Annual Basic Skills Refresher course.


Our awarding body for Emergency First Aid at Work qualifications is ITC First Aid who are authorised and regulated by Ofqual and the SQA. Qualification titles are: ITC Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF) in England and Wales and ITC Certificate in Emergency First Aid at Work (SCQF Level 5) in Scotland.

We can also award Emergency First Aid at Work qualifications through our alternative HABC or Qualsafe awarding bodies. Please let us know before booking if you would prefer one of these alternative awarding bodies so we can send you the information.


In-house course for 12 candidates
- guide price £400

Individual candidate
- guide price £55

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Qualification suitable for…

Low risk working environments such as;

  • Offices
  • Self employed
  • Supporting first aides

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