Bike First Aid
1 day (6 hours)

This course uses ‘Systems First Aid’ and provides the knowledge and skills to manage incidents involving motorcycles ensuring casualty safety until emergency medical help arrives. This includes dealing with specific bike issues such as crash helmets. For this course you will need to bring your own cycling equipment.

About our Bike First Aid course
Road users face a wide range of situations. These can be busy urban environments where help is readily accessible and scene safety and immediate lifesaving first aid is the priority. There are also many situations and scenarios where a cyclist or motorcyclist could be the first person on the scene in an isolated location, faced with daunting decisions not typically covered on a work or leisure based first aid course. These first aid courses prepare the road user to make the critical decisions and judgement calls that are vital at the scene of road traffic incidents.

Who is this qualification suitable for?
Anybody who is a cyclist or a motorcyclist and understands the difficulties and challenges they have with the various situations they can often find themselves in on the open road.

First Aid programme

The course will cover:

  • A systematic approach to incident management. Protecting the scene
  • Primary Survey and Secondary survey (including top to toe)
  • Unconsciousness, causes and treatment
  • Recovery Position
  • CardioPulmonary Resuscitation
  • Use of a defibrillator
  • External bleeding, internal bleeding and shock
  • Choking
  • Strains, sprains and fractures
  • Spinal management
  • Head injuries (Concussion and compression)
  • Helmet removal, when to and how to
  • Simulated incidents using your own bike gear

Individual places – please read

This Course is only run as a Group Booking due to the complexity of organising it. If you are looking for an individual place, let us know and we can put you on our waiting list for spaces on a Private course where the Client will allow spare spaces to be sold to individuals.


Our Instructors come from a range of professional and voluntary backgrounds such as:

  • emergency services (ambulance, police and fire service)
  • military (medics)
  • outdoor professionals (Mountain leaders)
  • Community Responders
  • Experienced First Aiders

We aim to match instructors to your specific training requirements. They are aware of the specific needs of various outdoor environments, fully understanding the problems and judgements that have to be made when dealing with incidents in stressful, dangerous and remote situations.


Our training is very practical and hands on. We do not rely upon the usual ‘death by PowerPoint’, instead we use progressive incident scenario based training methods. Our courses teach techniques proven to work in real life incidents and not just in a classroom. Our training builds confidence and develops first aid skills into complete incident management.


none, but your own bike gear would be useful for practising with.


All candidates must attend the full course to qualify. Each candidate is continually assessed throughout.


A Cyclist or Motorcyclist Certificate will be issued valid for 3 years will be issued. Listed on it will be the topics covered.


In-house course for 12 candidates
- £450 + vat


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