Healthcare Professionals First Aid (Doctors & Dentists)

We offer various qualifications and courses which include resuscitation and use of a defibrillator, meeting the requirements for healthcare professionals throughout the UK.

UK Resuscitation Council recommendations

The UK Resuscitation Council recommends that ‘staff should undergo regular training in the management of medical emergencies to a level appropriate to their expected clinical responsibilities’.

What the guidance says

Medical emergencies can happen at any time in a dental practice. If you employ, manage or lead a team, you should make sure that;
There are arrangements for at least two people available to deal with medical emergencies when treatment is planned to take place.
All members of staff, not just the registered team members, know their role if a patient collapses or there is another kind of medical emergency.
All members of staff who might be involved in dealing with a medical emergency are trained and prepared to deal with such an emergency at any time and practice together regularly in a simulated emergency so they know exactly what to do.

The guidance also states that;

All clinical areas should have immediate access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

How can we help

We offer a full range of courses and qualifications that meet the requirements of health care professionals including


Our Instructors come from a range of professional and voluntary backgrounds such as:

  • emergency services (ambulance, police and fire service)
  • military (medics)
  • outdoor professionals (Mountain leaders)
  • Community Responders
  • Experienced First Aiders

We aim to match instructors to your specific training requirements. They are aware of the specific needs of various outdoor environments, fully understanding the problems and judgements that have to be made when dealing with incidents in stressful, dangerous and remote situations.


Our training is very practical and hands on. We do not rely upon the usual ‘death by PowerPoint’, instead we use progressive incident scenario based training methods. Our courses teach techniques proven to work in real life incidents and not just in a classroom. Our training builds confidence and develops first aid skills into complete incident management.




Assessment for most courses is Continuous Assessment. Some courses also have a written paper.


Our awarding body for First Aid qualifications is either through Pro Trainings or ITC.

ITC First is authorised and regulated by Ofqual and the SQA.

Pro Trainings Authorises our Qualifications and can also provide Regulated Certificates through TQUK


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