Toddler ‘brought back from the dead’ by CPR

Toddler ‘brought back from the dead’ by CPR after falling into an algae-filled pond

A toddler who fell into a pond filled with algae in China and drowned was pulled to safety by local villagers who gave him CPR for 30 minutes.

When villagers arrived at the scene one child was floating face down in the water while another one was floundering around screaming for help.

Villagers grabbed a bamboo stick and helped the child to safety while another villager jumped into the pond and carried the unconscious child to dry land.

Once out, the child was turned upside down in an effort to remove the algae from his mouth prior to commencing CPR.

The villagers took it in turns to perform CPR on the child until he miraculously began to breath.

The toddler was incredibly lucky because according to statistics less than 1% of the Chinese population know how to administer first aid.

Since this incident only a few weeks ago, the Chinese government has launched a series of education initiatives to help save lives.

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