Supermarket staff member saves toddler from choking

Supermarket staff member saves toddler from choking

Supermarket staff member saves toddler from choking after she got a Smartie stuck in her throat.

Lily-Mae Martine from Bromyard, Herefordshire began to turn blue and struggled for breath after she got half of one of the chocolate treats stuck in her throat in a Morrisons store.

Her mother Charlotte Martine, 26, frantically tried to dislodge the Smartie but it remained trapped in the 22-month-old’s throat.

Luckily, staff member Claire Fish, 42, heard the commotion from a nearby aisle she rushed to the help the toddler.

She firmly struck Lily-Mae between her shoulder blades which removed the chocolate fragment and allowed her to breathe again.

Mum Charlotte said “We were in the last aisle which is freezer stuff so we were nearly finished when she just began to choke.

“I grabbed her and started whacking her on the back. I thought she had got it out but she hadn’t, I started panicking.

“My mum had a go as well and then members of staff came and they shouted on the tannoy for first aiders to come”.

Staff member Claire rushed over and gave Lily-Mae a harder whack and managed to get it out.

“Lily-Mae had gone very blue. It felt like hours but it wasn’t, it was like slow-motion. It was horrific but Claire did the right thing and did a remarkable job, she definitely saved her life”.

Heroic Claire said: “It was all a bit of a blur. She couldn’t breathe in, and her little lips had gone blue. It is just instinct. It brought it all back to me. I just thought I have got to get it out. I just wanted her to breathe.”

Claire was able to help Lily-Mae as she had done a first aid course recently and learned how to deal with choking. If you would like to learn some first aid basics so you know what to do in this situation then get yourself booked onto one of our training courses.

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