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Are defibrillators useful?

Posted - 14 Jan 2016

So are defibrillators useful? Sudden Cardiac Arrest is an electrical malfunction of the heart in which the heart stops pumping blood to the body and brain. This is due to...

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How to deal with a nosebleed

Posted - 11 Jan 2016

Nosebleeds are caused by trauma to the outside or inside of the nose. Your nose can bleed after a blow to the face or when you pick it. A nosebleed...

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Preventing Unnecessary Deaths

Posted - 05 Jan 2016

Every year in the UK, thousands of people die in accidents. Many of these deaths could be prevented if first aid was administered whilst waiting for the emergency services to...

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Health Warnings due to Air Pollution in England

Posted - 03 Jun 2015

The Government has issued health warnings today as high levels of pollution, in the form of red dust from the Sahara, were recorded across England. Defra has a 10 point...

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Keep your children safe in the sun

Posted - 03 Jun 2015

If you’re going away on holiday or simply enjoying a day out this summer, make sure your little ones stay safe in the sun. If your child complains of a...

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Wikipedia’s Medical Errors

Posted - 29 May 2014

Wikipedia’s medical errors – treat site with caution According to a study carried out by US scientists, Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, contains errors in nine out of 10 of its...

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How to deal with cuts, grazes and bleeding

Posted - 21 Apr 2014

Bleeding always causes panic as it usually looks far worse than it really is. Read the information below on how to deal with minor cuts and grazes and more severe...

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Posted - 21 Jan 2014

So what is ICE and why is it important? If something was to happen to you would the emergency services know who to contact? This was something that greatly concerned...

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